Crowdsourcing Test Platform

User Experience Test

Improve products by getting real user feedback. Collects real user experiences to gather deep insight on product usages, and discover ways to improve functionality and engagement. Design a questionnaire to reflect specific areas that clients want to understand about their users. Through the design of the test, clients will receive revealing information on how users actually engage the product.

Test Case Implementation

Design test cases that covers major functions and then implement test cases to find the issues within the application. Based on clients requirements, Testin will run regression, new function verification, etc. on specific test cases to ensure quality of the application.

Bug Exploratory

Test leads and their teams will get a preliminary understanding of the product from our project manager. After, they will run the product multiple times from different perspectives to gather as much data as possible. This allows the team to uncover a wide variety of bugs to quickly help developers understand what needs to be fixed, and how to prioritize them.

Usability Test

Test your product in different regions, networks, carriers, etc. to ensure that products in different settings can operate normally.


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