Automation Test Platform

Compatibility Test

Create a customized script to go through the installation, start-up, operations, functions, and UI aspects of your app. Testin will collect errors, screenshots, and logs to provide a comprehensive report, which help you quickly and efficiently locate and prioritize the issues found. Utilizing Testin’s device library, developers and companies will never need to purchase devices again.

Remote Device Access

Testin’s remote device control allows developers to select real devices online and effectively debug an issue they had. The remote device system essentially allows full control of the device, and is most effective when paired with compatibility testing. Developers going through a test report can utilize this service just by click to use remote access.

Private Cloud

Increase efficiency and security by having Testin build a private cloud terminal on-site. Enable quick device sharing between teams inside the company, and easily manage your applications and projects. Quickly integrate with numerous tools and open source environments.

Data Collection Features

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    Perfomance Data

    CPU Usage | RAM Usage | FPS

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    Test Data

    Logs | UI Screenshots

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    Market Data

    Affected Users | Market Coverage

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